Sesame Street Cookie Mugs in Gift Box From $29.43 @ eBay

Sesame Street Cookie Mugs in Gift Box From $29.43 @ eBay

Whoever invented the concept of cookie storage within a mug deserves a seriously big prize, and these Sesame Street versions are my absolute FAVES! The best deal we've found on these is at The Nile eBay Store, and prices start at $29.34 for gift-boxed mugs.

Known as "dunk mugs", these absolutely necessary homewares are both a mug and a cookie storage unit. Fill your mug with awesomeness (I refer to coffee), and slot a few choc-covered Oreos in that handy little nook underneath. Yasss.

And, despite the cookie storage area being quite ample, you've still got a 355ml drink capacity in the mug - that's as big as a medium take-away coffee cup pretty much anywhere.

Here are the styles (all come in a gift box) :

Cookie Monster, you're mine!

These mugs ship FREE in Australia.


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  • Kiahn B.

    OMG I need one of these!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: