Save $50 on Blackspire Sub4 Pedals at Pushys (roughly 50% off)

Save $50 on Blackspire Sub4 Pedals at Pushys (roughly 50% off)

I was looking for a new pair of pedals for my boyfriend's bike and saw the Blackspire Sub4 on sale at Pushys for $60.99 with free delivery.

Unfortunately this buy doesn't meet the lowest minimum spend threshold to use any of Pushy's active coupons, but still it's a great deal at this price compared to Chain Reaction Cycles, who sells the same pedals for $114.99.

The only available colour is bright green or gold, but as my boyfriend's bike is actually black and green I think it would look just perfect. The only thing I'm not sure is the size, as the reason for changing the pedals in the first place is that he thinks the current ones (which came with the bike) are too small. The Sub4 ones look alright based on the pictures and have a 92mm x 92mm surface with 10 pins on each side.

There's also another pair of pedals on sale so I might ask him which one he prefers having - the Mavic Crossroc XL Pedals are reduced from their original price of $169.95 to $99.99. I couldn't find these anywhere else, and to be honest they don't seem to have as good of a grip as the Blackspire ones, but they've got very good reviews online. To these you can apply the $10 off coupon though which will make up for most of the $12 shipping you'll have to add on these pedals.

Overall I think both of these are good deals, so let's see if any of them will be of his liking. :)


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  • odysseus
    One thing to be aware of with the spikes is they can cut you badly if e.g. you're in a hurry or squeezing through somewhere walking the bike and they rub against you. Like everything, personal preference but spikier isn't necessarily better.
  • vikk
    It's definitely a valid point, odysseus :{