Save 50% off on all Eneloops with Bing Lee discount code

Save 50% off on all Eneloops with Bing Lee discount code

It's been a while since the last time I saw a deal on Eneloop rechargeable batteries.

Get 50% off with Bing Lee coupon, which will drop the price on the:

* AA and AAA to $12.50
* AA and AAA Pro to $14.50
* Family pack including 6x AA batteries, 4x AAA batteries, 2x C adaptors, 2x D adaptors, Overnight Charger to $44.50

Paying $12.50 for the standard Eneloops isn't too bad considering the best deal I have ever seen on these was $9.99, and all other previous bargains on the 4 pack were just below $20. Currently, they're priced at $20+ everywhere else.

Some of you might recall the deals on the 8 pack of chocolate Eneloops at Dick Smith for $14.98. Although it seems you were getting double as many batteries for a slightly higher price, those were 3rd generation limited edition rechargeable batteries vs. these newer 4th generation ones giving you 300 more charging cycles.

They've also got some chargers at Bing Lee, but are still expensive at $19.50 and $29.50 for the standard and the quick charge respectively after the discount - you could get these with 4 batteries previously for the same price...


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