Santa Cam Badge $2.50 @ eBay Store: mooremaidjane

Santa Cam Badge $2.50 @ eBay Store: mooremaidjane

In the lead up to Christmas, I think all parents of young Santa devotees need one of these Santa Cam badges. They are only $2.50 and just might be what it takes to convince kids to behave in the lead up to Christmas. (In theory!)

These badges are made locally and there are 12 designs to choose from. They're essentially a 58-centimeter standard badge featuring a realistic camera image that will have kids believe that Santa is watching them and taking notes on who's being naughty and nice.

These are excellent for parents, teachers and anyone who has young kids in their midst, really.

At $2.50, and with super cheap postage, it's an absolute no-brainer. It's in my cart already!

Standard shipping is $2 around Australia.


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  • Sarah H.

    Looks a bit better then my dodgy paper job

  • Erin H.

    might help with the kiddies if they think Santa can see them

  • Kirra J.

    We need these stuck on the roof of the house.