Sand-Free Beach Mat 1.5M x 2M $14.89 Delivered @ eBay

Hate sand? You need this!
Sand-Free Beach Mat 1.5M x 2M $14.89 Delivered @ eBay

One of the most irritating things about days spent at the beach is returning from a relaxing swim to find your towel covered in sand. Well, be irked no more, beach goers! A sand-free beach mat exists, and at just $14.89 delivered, it's a very worthwhile investment if you spend a lot of your summer at the beach.

This particular mat measures a huge 150 x 200 centimetres, so it's definitely big enough for the family to share. It's made of a woven, dual-layer mesh that forces sand to fall through to the underside, but not rise up from underneath. It comes with a carry bag and anchors to position it firmly in place at the beach or park.

These were originally designed for military use, and with our love of the beach, it's pretty clear to see why they are selling like hot cakes here in Australia.

You've got the option of PINK, BLUE or GREEN colours in these mats.

This sand-free beach mat ships FAST & FREE around Australia.


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  • Alicia S.

    if we had this, I would hate the beach a lot less

  • Audette M.

    Where in Australia can you order one like this?

  • Angela J.

    I bought it !!! Should arrive later this week!

  • Sharee T.

    might have to get this for Levi

  • Jon J.

    Wish they made undies that get rid of sand