Rover 159CC Lawn Mower for $259 at Grays Online vs. $449 at Masters

Rover 159CC Lawn Mower for $259 at Grays Online vs. $449 at Masters

Found this awesome deal at Grays Online -

Rover Easy Trim Xtra 4 Stroke Lawn Mower for $259

Compare that to Masters, who has got the same lawn mower for $449.

Even shipping is cheaper at Grays, who charges $33 vs. Masters' $55 delivery fee.

Some other hardware stores used to have this in stock as well for about $350-$400, but they're all seem to have sold out.


* Engine: Rover OHV 800 (159cc) 4 stroke fixed throttle engine with primer.

* Handle Bar Attachment: Cam action handle bar adjustment. Easy fold handles for simple storage.

* Base: High arch durable 460mm (18``) steel base. Cuts to the edge both sides.

* Engine Brake: As an added safety feature, an engine brake is fitted. Stops the engine upon release of the handle and complies with Australian Standards AS2657.

* Blades: 4 swing back blades. Superior cutting and protects engine if a solid object is hit.

* Air Intake: Hi Zone air intake (no air filter fitted). Delivers clean air to the engine for better performance. Reduces the chance of ``dusting`` the engine.

* Warranty: Consumer Use - 5 years on the engine, 2 years on the unit. Commercial Use - 90 days on the engine, 90 days on the unit.


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