Rose Makeup Brushes $13.65 @ eBay Store: great_deal2017

Rose Makeup Brushes $13.65 @ eBay Store: great_deal2017

Rose-inspired beauty brushes were made famous by Storybook Cosmetics who released a Beauty and the Beast flower brush set that the beauty-loving world went bonkers for. If you love the concept, but don't love the US$55 price tag of the originals, I've found a gorgeous alternative that won't break the bank.

These sets of six rose-shaped makeup brushes are only $13.65 delivered! And the best part is that you have a variety of styles to choose from:

  • Rose Gold (with pink and white brushes)
  • Green (with pink and white brushes)
  • Rainbow Purple (with purple and black brushes)
  • Rainbow Pink (with green and white brushes)

Novelty makeup brushes are huge right now, and these flower-themed sets could be just the thing to breathe some new life into beauty regimes.

I think there will be some young daughters out there who will be desperate to have a play with these too! (I don't think my daughter would ever give them back!)

These brush sets ship FREE to Australia from China.


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  • Megan R.

    I'd never use them, they're too pretty :joy::heart_eyes:

  • Yvette J.

    aren't these beautiful. Not sure about how comfortable they'd be to hold and use though.