Rimmel Mascaras for $10 a pop at Priceline

Rimmel Mascaras for $10 a pop at Priceline

Buy any mascara from the Rimmel mascara range for $10 a pop at Priceline.

This includes the 12ml tube of Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Xx-treme Mascara that usually sells for $16.95.

The mascara is perfect for people that like extremely long lashes. The brush is apparently 50% off bigger than their usual mascara brushes and the formula contains 3 times the collagen and keratin- leaving you with a highly dramatic look.

The same mascara is also on sale at Chemist Warehouse but for about an extra $4.

Another one of their mascaras that I really like is the Wonder’full Wake Me Up Mascara which is also marked for $10 while the sale is on.

While the Scandaleyes Xx-treme is nice for the evening, this one is great for everyday wear especially in the winter. It’s actually got vitamins and cucumber extract that keeps the lashes conditioned all day long without leaving them clumpy.

Same mascara is selling at Woolworths for $17.95 and at Coles for $19.75 each.


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