Repco - GV Tools 20m Auto Retractable Water Hose Reel $39.99 , Oricom PMR780 UHF2-Way Radio $19.99 VS $35 @ SCA [ Starts 26 May ]


I am really scare to post any deal at the moment due to a stalker / serial offender from other well known bargain site. All of my good deals were copied and ended up on that site. The world is quickly filling with annoying and annoyed people.

20m Auto Retractable Water Hose Reel for under $40 is just hard to beat . Similar ones are $70 @ SCA.

Includes 180 degree swivel wall bracket for easy mounting, hose connectors & adjustable spray nozzle.

***Oricom PMR780 UHF2-Way Radio for $19.99 is also a great buy***

$35 [ save $20 ] @ SCA at time of posting.

Stay in touch with family and friends for free with the PMR780 UHF2-Way Radio. The compact design ensures that you can keep in touch in and around the home, camp site or while out enjoying leisure activities.

Perfect for the first time user or the outdoors family this Walkie-Talkie delivers exceptional voice quality and a range up to 3km. It can be slipped into your pocket or clipped onto your belt making it the ideal solution to your active communication needs.

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