Raspberry Maltesers Just Arrived in Australia And They're Half Price!

NEW Raspberry Maltesers Half Price!

Something incredible has happened, a merging of two of life's most delectable, oh-so moreish morsels: Maltesers now come in RASPBERRY flavour! Could there be a better pairing?

If, like me, you need these in your life ASAP, get to Woolies now. Usually $4.25, you can pick them up half price for $2.12 as part of this week's sale. Woohoo!

Mars has been pushing the envelope recently when it comes to Maltesers, one of its most popular brands. First we had Maltesers ice cream, then Honeycomb Maltesers, and now — praise the chocolate gods — we have Raspberry Maltesers, and I think it's going to be the best confectionery concoction yet.

In case you're wondering, the traditional malt centre remains undisturbed (as it should, right?), it's the chocolate coating that has been infused with raspberry goodness, earning this pink-hued package a pretty fast cult following.

And I'm SO buying some today!

Speaking of newness, have you tried the Caramel M&Ms yet? I may or may not have ploughed through a few packs already....oops.

Remember, at Woolies you can use FREE Click & Collect if you spend $30 or more.

Delivery is FREE on first orders over $100.

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