Rainbow Unicorn Horn Hairband $1.49 @ eBay

Rainbow Unicorn Horn Hairband $1.49 @ eBay

If you have a unicorn-lover on your hands, or a unicorn-themed birthday party in the works, you'll love this deal on unicorn horn headbands. I've been stock-piling unicorn accessories for months because I will be hosting my very first unicorn party this year. Priced at $1.49 each, plus free shipping, I can get one for every kid at the party!

Click here to check out the kids rainbow unicorn horn hairband for $1.49 @ eBay

They're made of cotton and come in four different designs:

  • pink horn with purple and blue mesh
  • white/silver horn with pink mesh
  • rainbow with purple and blue mesh
  • pink with pink mesh and flower

I think these are totally adorable and can't wait to receive them! The party isn't until March so there's loads of time for the shipping in case it takes a bit. Looks like it's a minimum two-week delivery time, but at over 99% positive feedback, I'm confident that it'll be here before I know it!


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