Quick! Limited Edition Monopoly "The Block" $89 @ Big W

Quick! Limited Edition Monopoly "The Block" $89 @ Big W

Whether you're a big fan of The Block or not, this brand new, special edition of Monopoly is one that's got everyone excited, because by purchasing one, you could actually WIN an apartment! Get it now at Big W for $89.

In this edition of Monopoly, traditional properties like Mayfair, Pall Mall and Oxford Street have been replaced with all properties from the past 14 seasons of The Block.

Community and Chance Cards remain, but obviously, all instructions relate specifically to themes of The Block TV show: construction issues, property management - even noise complaints.

And then there's the FREE APARTMENT up for grabs. Each and every Monopoly The Block set contains a Golden Ticket. You can use your Golden Ticket to register your entry online, and go into the draw to win one of the multi-million-dollar Gatwick apartments from The Block.

Quick! Limited Edition Monopoly

Absolutely love that Uncle Pennybags (the original mascot that features on the classic Monopoly game) has been replaced with Scott Cam for this edition - the iconic moustache and hat remains, though.

Know someone who'd love this? It's a special edition and won't be around for long, so go get it while you can!

You can use FREE in-store collection at Big W provided your item is in stock. Otherwise standard shipping is $7.90.


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