Pre-Order "Where's The Unicorn NOW?" @ Book Depository

Pre-Order "Where's The Unicorn NOW?" @ Book Depository

Unicorn fans, your favourite search-and-find activity book has a sequel on the way! Where's The Unicorn Now? is set to arrive in September, and you can get your pre-orders in right now for just $13.41 with free shipping.

If you are a true unicorn devotee, you will know and love the Seven Unicorns of Rainbow Valley from Paul Moran's 2017 search-and-find book, Where's The Unicorn. Well, take a deep breath, because all seven of them are back, and you'll notice they are as spectacular as ever...

If you can find them!

Where's The Unicorn Now?, also by Paul Moran, includes 17 illustrations in which the seven famous unicorns are hidden, and this time the unicorns are ON TOUR! Find them on the streets of Rio and Broadway.

This is the perfect gift idea for anyone entrenched in the unicorn phenomenon - we all know a few. I may be one of them. **clicks add to cart**

Spread the news! The unicorns are baaaack!

Release date of Where's The Unicorn Now? is 20th September, 2018.

These books ship FREE to Australia.


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