Pre-Order New-Generation Original Tamagotchis Now @ JB Hi-Fi

Pre-Order New-Generation Original Tamagotchis Now @ JB Hi-Fi

Tamagotchis are back - again! New generation Original Tamagotchis are coming in July, and there's even a UNICORN pet! You can pre-order now for $34 each at JB Hi-Fi, with delivery from just $3.49.

It's tough to believe that it's been over 20 years since Tamogotchis became the obsession of so many kids, and I know I speak for many when I say that that it will be very interesting to see if our kids can care for them better than we did!

There are both generation 1 and 2 styles heading our way on 8th July:

Original Tamagotchi - Generation 1:

Original Tamagotchi - Generation 2:

Pets come in the classic Tamagotchi egg shape of 1997, with an LCD screen and three function buttons. With a key-chain attached, these pets can be worn or even attached to bags to keep them from "wondering off".

Just like their predecessors, these second-gen virtual pets require love and attention to stay healthy. They need to be cared for and most importantly, fed. (Remember that feeling when you forgot to feed your Tamagotchi?!)

Original Tamagotchis are recommended for ages eight and above.

JB HI-Fi ships from $3.49.


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  • Rachel W.

    perfect pet, don't you think ?

  • Meeka N.

    mermaid and unicorn ones :heart_eyes:

  • Sara H.

    bday present sorted :joy: