Monopoly Roald Dahl Edition $46.78 @ Zavvi

Monopoly Roald Dahl Edition $46.78 @ Zavvi

I can't believe it! The Roald Dahl edition of Monopoly sells up to $69 in Australia, but we've tracked it down at Zavvi for just $46.78 with super cheap shipping of just $1.99! Splendiferous!

If you and the kids are huge fans of Roald Dahl books (and how could anyone NOT be?!), this edition of Monopoly is one that simply cannot be passed by.

In this ahh-mazing edition, players get to revisit exciting locations in a number of classic stories. Bespoke Dahl tokens include Matilda's books, Mr Fox's chicken, James's giant peach, George's marvellous medicine, a mouse (who was once a boy), and of course, a Wonka bar.

Players can try to secure Crunchem Hall and invest in Wonka's chocolate factories. Solid investment, that one.

I haven't seen it first hand (yet - but it's so in my cart), but I'm very much hoping to see some bald witches and snozzcumbers, too.

Go get it!

Zavvi ships its products from the UK to Australia for just $1.99. Allow up to a few weeks for delivery.


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  • Lisa T.

    OMG!!!! Coolest thing ever!!!

  • Kara A.

    i must have this in my life

  • Beth R.

    Awesome! Definitely buying this :two_hearts:

  • Christie-lea B.