Potty Watch Timer For Toilet Training $22.95 @ eBay

Potty Watch $22.95 @ eBay

Are you about to start toilet training your little one? I am, and with a boy this time 'round, I'm positively terrified! In my hunt for gear that might make things easier, I've come across these cute Potty Watches that remind kids when to go, or at last try to go! They're $22.95 right now at eBay.

These watches are essentially a fun, wearable timer for kids. It reminds kids when they should go to the toilet by playing music and lighting up at 30, 60 and 90 minute intervals - depending on how parents set it.

The idea of having different intervals is that kids will get better at knowing when they need to go, and can gradually increase time between visits to the loo.

The watch comes in a choice of three colours and is made of soft rubber.

One of the biggest obstacles I've faced with potty training is getting kids to remember to go to the toilet - and getting there in time! This could be the saving grace I need! Maybe...

Standard shipping is $8.50 in Australia.


  • Ebony B.

    I don’t know if it would work she doesn’t have a set time for it :frowning2:

  • Jessica B.

    Yeah he might or he will throw it :joy:

  • Courtney W.

    We don’t need that anymore...

  • Jess L.

    Wow have to look into this

  • Jayme-Lee B.

    She will show you potty time

  • Amy R.

    Ohhh I'm gonna buy one !! Thankyou!!!

  • Matilda K.

    Sooo many accidents lately at least hes wearing jocks now lol. This is a good idea!

  • Carleen B.

    Maybe we should get one for Junior

  • David M.

    Ok wear a toilet on your kids arm..... :laughing:

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