Portable Toddler Urinals $4.88 Delivered @ eBay store: gigibaobao

Portable Toddler Urinals $4.88 Delivered @ eBay store: gigibaobao

Murphy's Law: every time you are out shopping, miles from the car and the nearest toilet, your little one will need to go pee pee. Without fail. That's why this handy little plastic container is a lifesaver. And it's dirt cheap.

You can pick up these mini, portable urinals for just $4.88 delivered on eBay. They can contain 500 millilitres of liquid, and they (oh-so-conveniently) lock in odour.

There are yellow/blue 'tube' versions for boys, and a red/green version for girls, although I suspect the girls' version could get messy!

Make sure you check out the Froggy Urinalstoo - they just might save your walls!

This item ships from China, so allow extra delivery time.


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  • Kirsty H.

    This kind of grosses me out, but at the same time seems handy.

  • Kim D.

    - looks a little too much like a drink bottle???

  • Tanya L.

    Well I'm not sure about that one. Whats wrong with the emergency watertight container in the car boot?

  • Tiff R.

    Omg this is awesome!!!! :joy:

  • Romaine M.

    Seems like a good idea till you realise the boys at least might think any bottle is for peeing in.

  • Candace W.

    I have needed these for my Boys for so long haha

  • Sabine W.

    I think we'll stick to the closest tree Baha