NEW Poopsie Slime Surprise Mystery Unicorn $69 @ Target

NEW Poopsie Slime Surprise Mystery Unicorn $69 @ Target

What's more magical than a slime-pooping unicorn? NOTHING! The Poopsie Slime Unicorn is expected to be the HOTTEST gift this Christmas and has landed in Australia. You can buy it on sale at Target right now for $69.

What really makes this kit so amazing is its size. The Poopsie Slime Unicorn is much larger than its predecessor, the Poopsie Slime Pack, and it comes with over 20 mystery items.

Here's what's inside:

  • 1 x Mystery Unicorn
  • 1 x Glitter Potty
  • 4 x Unicorn Food Packets (slime powder)
  • 4 x Unicorn Shimmer Packets
  • 2 x Unicorn Magic Packets
  • 1 x Unicorn Sparkle Packet
  • 1 x Exclusive Bottle and Poop Keychain (which can hold the poop slime)
  • 1 x Unicorn Shirt and Nappy
  • Various Accessories (unicorn spoon, hair brush, cleaning tool and measuring cup)

NEW Poopsie Slime Surprise Mystery Unicorn: What's Inside & Best Price

How does it work?

The idea is that kids feed their unicorns the magical food provided, take them to their sparkly potties, remove their nappies, and watch as a magical surprise happens: poop slime. (Eww!)

In total there are four mystery unicorns to collect: Oopsie Starlight, Dazzle Darling, Rainbow Brightstar, and Whoopsie Doodle. Each boasts its own unique colour and design. So if the kids run out of slime (or use it all up in a sibling's hair), they still have a brilliant unicorn toy to enjoy.

See the set in action here:

If your child is obsessed with slime, sparkles and unicorns - this couldn't be more perfect.

Free Click & Collect on orders over $20 and free Home Deliver on orders over $80 at Target. Standard delivery is $9.

Other Sellers:

Poopsi Slime Mystery Unicorn is in very HIGH demand over at Target. If it sells out, you can try Mr Toys Toyworld ($89.99), Toy Universe ($98.99) and Mighty Ape($109.99).


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