Play-Doh Magical Oven $39 Delivered @ Dick Smith

Play-Doh Magical Oven $39 Delivered @ Dick Smith

Have you seen the new Kitchen Creations range from Play-Doh? The Magical Oven is a stand-out in the range - and it really is magical, too. You can buy it for $39 right now at Dick Smith with FREE shipping!

At first sight I thought this was just another plastic oven, but it actually has a lever which sets off the "cooking" function, causing those delicious (if slightly salty and fluoro) delights to actually rise! Plus, it dings when they're done!

In this set kids get the magical oven, cutters, unique cake moulds, six tubs of Play-Doh, cutlery and plates - it's fantastic value.

Check it out:

Play-doh never goes out of fashion, and this new Kitchen Creation range is next level in the fun stakes. It's totally going on my Christmas wishlist for my toddler!

This item ships FREE around Australia.


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