These Pet Lion Manes Turn Your Fur Baby into the King of the Jungle

In the spirit of all things Lion King...
These Pet Lion Manes Turn Your Fur Baby into the King of the Jungle

With a good part of the planet going full-scale bananas over the imminent Lion King remake, it comes as no surprise these hilarious pet lion wigs are popping up all over the place. If you rather fancy the idea of transforming your pet pooch or kitty into Simba, go grab one at eBay now for less than a fiver.

The manes are made of faux fur, and you can buy them in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your pet - you could go the regal Musafa look with the long mane for larger dogs, or the cuddly cub look with the short wigs.

Each wig has cute little lion ears attached, and it looks as though you can adjust the overall fit by pulling the elastic band within the wig.

Imagine the stares from onlookers as you take your dog for the morning walk in one of these. Priceless.

Think your pet would love it? (The kids certainly will!)

If it's crazy-cute lion gear you love, check out Target's new Lion King babywear - adorbs, all of it!

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  • Cherise B.

    Omg we need these for the dogs.

  • Melissa C.

    I have one... they both run when they see it....

  • Katherine G.

    We need these for the dogs at work!!

  • Ellie K.

    I need one. Halloween is set

  • Elisa M.

    that is cute :heart_eyes: