Personalised Video From Santa $9 @ Groupon

Or $10 for siblings
Personalised Video From Santa $9 @ Groupon

Oh my! These personalised videos from Santa will be positively magical for kids - and they are SO cheap! You can buy the deal now at Groupon for just $9 for a single child, or $10 for siblings (two or more kids). One of these videos could be just what it takes to keep them behaved in the lead up to Christmas!

Each video has a running time of almost eight minutes and includes the following personalised elements:

  • Greeting by name
  • Photo of your child in the Magical Book
  • Optional photo of your child's letter to Santa (don't forget to take a photo of it!)
  • Additional photo of your child
  • Selection of Santa's recommendations
  • Optional photo of your child's loved one
  • Optional photo of your child's home

The kids will wonder how on earth Santa knows so much! And, the video will give some weight to our constant reminders that Santa sees everything!

Check out the video below:

All of the photos and specific details about your child can be uploaded on the Elfi Santa UK website once you have receive your voucher code from Groupon. The Elfi team will put everything together, and within a matter of hours, you'll receive the finished copy of your video via email, which you can record to DVD yourself if you wish.

Just LOVE this, and at such an incredible price, it's a no-brainer for any parent of young kids.


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