Personalised Milo Tin (450g) $10 @ Cotton On

Personalised Milo Tin (450g) $10

Move over Nutella, personalised Milo is here! If you've got Milo fanatics in your house (and don't we all) this is an absolute no-brainer. It will also make a fun, and energy-fuelled gift for a teacher, friend or colleague. My daughter loves Milo - this is so in my cart already!

The way this works is very simple, in fact I think it's much easier than the Nutella promo which involved ordering your label, but still having to go and buy the jar of Nutella. In this case, you get the tin of Milo (450g) and the personalised name.

The name can be a maximum of eight letters, and it will all appear in uppercase - to be true to the brand.

This offer is for a limited time only, and my guess is that it's going to be popular!

Standard delivery is $9 or FREE over $55. This offer will only be on for a limited time!


  • Ebony K.

    They do vegimite jars like this too

  • Skye B.

    Omg what in the world I’ve never seen my name in anything!

  • Skye W.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I love milo!!! Mmmm

  • Anjie A.

    Need to have a larger tin in the cupboard to keep stocking this one up!!

  • Dannielle M.


  • Lisa A.

    Oh god they do it with Nutella now to

  • Amy B.

    I'd need jumbo sized tins!!

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