Personalised Acacia Chopping Boards From $19 (were $99.95) at Groupon

Save up to 82%
Personalised Acacia Chopping Boards From $19 (were $99.95) at Groupon

These personalised acacia chopping boards are incredible value at just $19 (for the small size), and they are the perfect "unique" gift for the foodie in your life who has everything.

The beauty of this Groupon deal is that you can choose from creating a custom design, or you can pick one of the 30 layouts already designed.

There are three sizes to choose from, and a number of styles within each size group - include rectangles, rectangle paddles, square paddles, circle paddles and ovals.

Small sizes are $19 (were $99.95), medium sizes are $28 (were $138.95), and large boards are $35 (were $189.95).

How the deal works:

  • Once you buy this Groupon offer, you'll be emailed a special voucher code.
  • Take your code with you to Photobook Shop (Australia) and select the size your voucher corresponds to
  • Select "create online" and get to work on your design (if you want to use existing layouts, just click on "layout" at the top of the image.

Delivery ranges from $5.95 to $9.99 depending on the size you order, and you need to redeem the offer by 20th May 2020.

I'll definitely be using this for some Christmas presents this year!


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