Paw Patrol String Lights $14.99 Delivered @ Amazon Australia

Paw Patrol String Lights $14.99 Delivered @ Amazon Australia

What an excellent way to liven up the kids' rooms! These Paw Patrol String Lights are an absolute bargain at just $14.99 delivered from Amazon Australia, and with Chase and Marshall involved, they're sure to score some BIG kid points.

These lights are over two-and-a-half metres long and include 15 LED lights in the characters of Chase, Rubble and Marshall.

You could run them along walls, bookshelves, or even dangle them around a bedhead for a low-cost but very fun piece of kiddie decor. No doubt about it, these are going to be a fabulous feature wherever they are hung.

The lights are LED (they won't get hot), and they run on AA batteries, so no need to be within reach of a power point with these ones.

Loving these as an affordable Paw gift for fans who can't get enough of the pups, and they could come in very handy if you're dealing with a toddler who is scared of the dark.

Go grab some!

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  • Mandee A.

    Oh golly they come in everything

  • Amanda C.

    Oohhh I know someone who would love these.

  • Amy M.

    Oh dear pp is taking over my life!!

  • Nathan H.

    If we put these in her room she would never go to sleep

  • Elise F.

    Oh my god the twins would love these :heart_eyes::see_no_evil:

  • Stacey L.

    yeah their cute hey! :heart_eyes:

  • Chloe A.

    I shall order them tomorrow

  • Brittany D.

    Get out!! Haha they’re so cool!

  • Jessica A.

    Good old paw patrols strike again!

  • Mariah K.

    Yeah. Might sleep in his room haha

  • Stacey W.

    Omg they are so cute :slight_smile:

  • Aliesha P.

    Omg they’re awesome. Thank you!!