Paw Patrol Explore 4 Fun Play Tent $49.99 @ Catch

Paw Patrol Explore 4 Fun Play Tent $49.99

Look what's popped up at Catch: a Paw Patrol play tent with a tunnel and fabulous graphics of the whole team! School holidays are back in a blink, guys - this could be just the ticket to keep those fans busy! Grab it now for $49.95.

I'm a huge advocate of play tents, they are so much fun for toddlers who seem to get infinite joy out of crawling, hiding and squeezing into small spaces!

This set includes one central hut - or command centre, as I like to call it - and it has a detachable tunnel for quick escapes when rescue missions pop up - or lunch is ready!

The entire set is over five feet wide, and it features images of all of the pups. EZ Twist technology makes assembly and disassembly a breeze, and the best bit - it stores FLAT!

I love that this set is big enough for more than one child to use at once, so it's great for siblings to enjoy together, and for those kindy play dates.

Standard shipping starts at $6.95.


  • Samantha D.

    Will get this for christmas

  • Dharma C.

    Oh my god, that is awesome!

  • Jaime C.

    That's so cool!! We need a bigger house!

  • Wendy D.

    Love it Love it Love it. xx

  • Alana K.

    Omg that is cute porky would love this

  • Alana K.

    Lol he would have a ball you wouldnt get him out of it

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