Paw Patrol Easter Tins With Eggs $9.99 @ Catch

Paw Patrol Easter Tins With Eggs $9.99 @ Catch

So many fun Easter gifts are flowing into stores right now, and it's starting to get hard to choose between them! The latest additions at Catch are these adorable Paw Patrol Easter Tins, which are just $9.99 each.

Kids will get six milk chocolate Easter eggs inside these heavy-duty collector tins - and what's the bet they'll eat them in less than five minutes flat? No one can scoff down chocolate like a preschooler!

I would have loved to see individual character tins, but at least the top pups are well and truly accounted for across these two colourful sets. The best thing about them, aside from the Paw factor, is that kids will get heaps of use of them going forward.

If you're after some decorative eggs for baking (or just nibbling), Catch also has Paw Patrol Speckled Eggs, which are $7.50 for three 140 gram packets. And for a non-chocolate egg option, there's the Paw Patrol bulk pack of Surprise Eggs as well.

Standard shipping starts at $6.95.


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