Paw Patrol 2017 Stationery Advent Calendar $28.98 @ Ozgameshop

Paw Patrol 2017 Stationery Advent Calendar $28.98 @ Ozgameshop

Paw fans are going to LOVE this! The 2017 Paw Patrol Advent is available now from Ozgameshop for just $28.98, and it contains 24 "pawsome" gifts! This calendar comes from the UK, and ships to Australia for just $1.99.

Everything in this Nickelodeon calendar is official Paw Patrol merchandise, and it's suitable for kids over three years. It contains such Paw goodies as crayons, markers, erasers, stamps, envelopes, cards and stickers - all bits and pieces that will get heaps of use over those extra long summer holidays, and throughout the year.

Loving this as a super fun alternative to the chocolate calendars - and it's PAW!

So far, this is the only toy-based Paw Patrol advent calendar I've seen that is available in Australia, so if it's the pups your little ones want, make sure you get over to Ozgameshop now!

Standard shipping to Australia is $1.99, and express delivery is $4.99.

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  • Rhea A.

    Would have got them if they aren't 30 bucks!