Ovela 5 Piece BlackStone Non-Stick Induction Cookware Set Now $39 (was $169)!

Ovela 5 Piece BlackStone Non-Stick Induction Cookware Set Now $39 (was $169)!

If there was ever a cookware deal to run to, this is it! Kogan's bestselling Ovela 5-Piece Blackstone Cookwear Set is reduced from $169 to just $39 for TODAY ONLY! This is an incredible offer, and if you are interested in oil-free, and healthier cooking, you'll want to move fast for it.

You getthree pans and two lids in this set: one is a casserole or saute-style pan with lid, and the other two are fry pans in standard sizes - and you can bet that each of these is going to be used very regularly.

The non-stick, stone-coated surface on these pans means that you can cook without any oil and food won't stick - can you imagine! Better still, heat is distributed evenly (no hot spots), and the surfaces are scratch proof.

The chemical compounds found in regular non-stick cookware these days is NOT present in this set, so for those of us who are very aware of toxins that can be absorbed into food, this is a great choice and an incredible buy compared with similar products out there.

You can use these pans on gas, electric or induction cooktops.

Check out the reviews on this set - over 1000 people can't be wrong. I'm off to grab it!

Price reverts to $169 at the end of today (1st March, 2019).

Standard shipping is $7.99.


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