Orbit Key Finders from $29.95 @ The Co-op

Orbit Key Finders from $29.95 @ The Co-op

It never fails – whenever I'm running late and need to dash out the door, I can't find my keys. I've tried just about everything to prevent those last-minute panicked searches, but the Orbit Key Finder might just be what I'm looking for (besides my keys, that is).

How does it work? Download the Orbit app on your smartphone and attach your Orbit to your keys. When you need to find your keys, simply press a button in the app, and your key finder will ring! And if you ever misplace your phone, just press a button on your Orbit, and your phone will ring!

The app also doubles as a camera, and you can use your Orbit as a remote to take selfies! These make great Mother's Day gifts – just make sure you're ready for your closeup and a ton of group shots when you give it to her.

These handy key finders come in gold, silver, black, violet, emerald and my personal favourite, rose gold (to match my phone, of course). A gunmetal model is also available for $35.96.

Each Orbit comes with a key ring, battery replacement tool and a spare battery. Their maximum range is 30 m (100 ft).

The $25.95 and $35.96 price tags are for The Co-op members only. You can sign up for a membership at The Co-op here. Otherwise, all colours are $39.95 each. Shipping is free if you spend over $50.


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