One Year Unlimited Yoga Access For The Yoga Collective $19.99 (value $163.88) @ Groupon

The Yoga Collective Access $19.99

Whether you're a yoga newbie, or a seasoned stretcher, this is a deal that's pretty hard to pass up. Groupon has an offer for one year of access to The Yoga Collective's huge library of sunny classes for just $19.99 - it's valued at $163.88! This is the perfect way to exercise from home without spending a fortune.

The Yoga Collective is a yoga subscription service, and includes countless videos - at all levels - by some of the best yoga instructors in LA.

Classes include beginner and introductory lessons, strength classes and cardio classes, so no matter where you're up to, you can jump right in - and not have to worry what you're wearing, or how ridiculous you look trying to do the Handstand Scorpion - eek!

If you take up this deal, you'll have to redeem your offer by the end of May, 2018 and from that point you'll have one year of unlimited access to The Yoga Collective.

Classes typically go for 20 minutes - check out a sample class here.

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