One Pair Of Automatic Step-In Shoe Covers $6.85 @ eBay

One Pair Of Automatic Step-In Shoe Covers $6.85 @ eBay

We all have those moments when we wish we didn't have to subject our good shoes to muddy backyards and driveways - especially in winter. That's why Step-In Shoe Covers were invented - and I need them! They're just $6.85 for a pair from eBay.

The way this genius creation works is simple. Whether you are barefoot or wearing shoes, just step onto the flat shoe cover and watch it automatically wrap around your foot! Feet and shoes are completely covered and ready to face the messiest of surfaces.

The base has a non-slip grip, and the fabric is tough. Each shoe cover is one size and measures around 40 centimetres in length, so it should cover most feet, even with boots on. Colour options include yellow, blue and red.

These are super handy to have on hand, whether it's for use around the house, or camping, fishing - any place that involves wet, icky grounds.

No need to change out of your slippers to take the bins out anymore!

So in my cart already.

These shoe covers ship FREE from China. If you'd rather buy them locally, the best price is $10.99 from this seller.


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