Nyda Plus Head Lice Treatment 100ml for $19.99 at GP Pharmacy Warehouse (Save up to $13)

Nyda Plus Head Lice Treatment 100ml for $19.99 at GP Pharmacy Warehouse (Save up to $13)

Really effective treatment for head lice.

Just came across a good deal on the Nyda Plus Head Lice Treatment 100ml at GP Pharmacy Warehouse. They have it marked for $19.99 which is the cheapest you can get it for right now.

Prices on the treatment elsewhere:
Amcal - $25.95
Shining Health - $28.80
Brauer - $32

I personally don’t know much about lice treatments but we did have this problem at home a few months ago and this is the treatment we used to get rid of it. Their formula has 92% Dimethicone and it honestly only took one treatment to get rid of the lice and their eggs completely.

The spray comes in a 100ml size which was enough for all of us in the house including me with my long hair.

Some more tips I found online:
• Check each family member’s hair regularly for head lice or eggs and then treat family members who have any live lice.
• To kill any lice that have fallen onto pillowcases you can wash them in hot water that’s at least 60°C or iron with a hot iron or put them in the tumble dryer on the ‘hot’ setting for 15 minutes.
• Combs and hairbrushes may collect some live lice and can be easily cleaned by placing the comb or brush in a mug of water that’s 60°C or hotter for 60 seconds.


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    Also, they've got 50% off their range of Nature's Own and Bioglan. So for example, Bioglan Odourless Super Fish Oil 2000 200 Capsules for $14.99 vs. $22.99 at Pharmacy Direct and $29.99 at Discount Drug Stores. https://d3i63g6yqk8ui8.cloudfront.net/imageicon/gpp/prod/j00571145/c_001/page_001/bioglan_odourless_sf9e28da1_d60b_4ef4_a5e4_64200456861f_00000001_ORG.jpg
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