NEW Women's Unicorn & Flamingo Slippers @ ASOS

NEW Women's Unicorn & Flamingo Slippers @ ASOS

Ladies, if you (devastatingly) missed out on the unicorn slippers we shared with you not so long ago, chin up because I've found more foot-warming magic for you, and sizes are plentiful! At ASOS you can pick up a pair of fluffy unicorns or flamingos for your feet for $28 and $32 respectively. Crisis averted!

The unicorns are a scuff style with no back; they'll be easy to slip on and off without having to use your hands. The spiral horn is the star of the show, and it most likely releases magic with each and every step.

And ladies, there are frills too.

And the flamingos are a fully-enclosed slipper, pink, graceful and sporting a purple crown. Because flamingos rule.

  1. ASOS Nevada Moon Unicorn Slippers $28
  2. ASOS NALA LAKE Flamingo Slippers $32

ASOS ships FREE over $40, so shop around so save pouring $5 down the postage drain. Perhaps some unicorn socks?

Reminder: be sure your currency is set to AUD, with Australia set as your country site.

Standard shipping is $5, or FREE over $40.


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  • Jaclyn G.

    I would so get a pair! Lol