NEW Wiggles Talking Emma Doll $29 @ Big W

NEW Wiggles Talking Emma Doll $29 @ Big W

Prepare for your Wiggles fan to flip out - a talking Emma doll is here! You can expect to pay up to $34.95 at full price, but we've tracked it down for just $29 @ Big W, and with low shipping of just $7.90, this is the best online offer we've seen.

Emma is without any doubt the most popular performer in the Aussie preschool realm right now, and the fact that she's a ballerina and a Wiggle makes her even more captivating. That said, it was only a matter of time before a talking Emma doll found its way to stores, and we've got it pegged to sell like mad this Christmas.

So, what does it do? What does it say? Can it do a plié??

It's a plush doll in the shape of Emma (the yellow Wiggle), and it can recite five different classic Emma phrases:

  • "Hello, my name is Emma."
  • "Let’s Wiggle!"
  • "I open up my music box and what do I see?"
  • "You’re a very wiggly friend!"
  • "Have a bowtiful day!"

A simple squeeze of her tummy activates a new phrase, so brace yourself for a whole lot of Wiggle talk!

The Emma doll is 30 centimetres tall, so she's a doll that is the perfect size for taking everywhere. Expect to see this one at the dinner table.

She wears her classic yellow Wiggles unicorn, complete with trademark yellow bow, and most importantly, she's built for hugs - and lots of them!

For a more classic doll, Big W also has The Wiggles Dress Up Emma Doll in stock for $34.

Other Sellers:

You'll also find the Emma Talking Plush at Mighty Ape($29.99 + shipping).


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