NEW Wiggles "Cinderemma" Book & Costume Set $15 @ Big W

With cheap shipping of just $3.90
NEW Wiggles "Cinderemma" Book & Costume Set $15 @ Big W

A new, and very sparkly Wiggles gift set has just landed at Big W, and is one that Emma fans are going to go gaga for. Called Cinderemma, the book is a wiggly twist on the classic story of Cinderella, and kids get their very own golden tutu as well. Usually $29.95, you can grab it at Big W for just $15.

The 12-page book includes a Wiggle-style retelling of the classic Cinderella fairy tale, and in a board book format, it's perfect for tots and preschoolers. There are also plenty of photos of the Cinderemma included for kids to pore over.

The fact that this book set includes a golden Cinderemma tutu is what makes it so gift-worthy, and budding ballerinas are going to love wearing it as they play out the story within the book.

When you take into account the cost of licensed costumes and books on their own, this set is fabulous value.

There's loads more Wiggly goodness where that came from - shop it all here.

All books (including this set), video games and DVDs ship for just $3.90 at Big W.


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