NEW Wiggles Car Accessories $20 @ Big W

NEW Wiggles Car Accessories $20 @ Big W

As far as many Aussie preschoolers are concerned, The Wiggles can do no wrong - especially Emma, who has achieved superstar status as a result of being a ballerina AND a Wiggle! That said, these new Wiggles car accessories are pretty certain to go down a treat with the littlies, and they make fabulous Christmas gifts for new mums, too.

All of these items are $20 each, and actually very practical. The fact that they happen to come in Wiggles colours and styles is a bonus - and one that might help get the kids in the car on time on weekdays. Just maybe.

The Bowtiful Shoulder Pads ($20) are my pick of the bunch because they are going to look like kids are actually wearing Emma bows. Can you image how proudly little ballerinas are going to sit in their car seats? So cute.

There is a very sweet Wiggles Sun Shade 2PK ($20) that stick onto the car windows with the help of suction caps, and help to keep those UV rays off bubs and tots. The Scuff Mat ($20) an absolute must if you have a child like mine who is intent upon killing the front seat!

To keep bubs entertained, there's a bright yellow Bowtiful Fabric Mirror ($20), and this attaches to the headrest of the front seat with straps, letting kids gaze at their fascinating selves all day long.

These little additions are going to make car rides that bit more bearable with young kids, and they will definitely liven up the back seat.

All of these items are made by Infasecure - you can check out more of the baby equipment at Big W here.

Standard shipping is $7.90 at Big, or you can use in-store collection at no cost.


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