NEW Unicorn Rocking Horses With Sounds $119.99 @ Toy Universe

NEW Unicorn Rocking Horses With Sounds $119.99 @ Toy Universe

After a WOW gift for a young unicorn fan? Look no further! You can grab these new unicorn rockers right now at Toy Universe for $119.99 in two colour styles, and I think it's safe to say the kids will ADORE them!

Rocking horses are a classic kids' toy, and an impressive one at that. I don't recall seeing many unicorn rocking horses around back in my younger years, but they are definitely here now!

Toy Universe has both a RAINBOW and LILAC unicorn rocking horse on offer, and both are pretty spesh indeed. They have stunning embroidered saddles, fluffy manes and tails, and golden horns.

But the pièce de résistance of these gems is the sound and movement feature. Unlike the static rockers of our day, these unicorns have moving mouths, swishing tails and even make unicorn clip-clop sounds!

If your little one is more into ponies, there are two traditional rocking horses to choose from, and both also have sound and movement.

Oh, to be a child again!

Standard shipping is $9.95


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