NEW Unicorn & Mermaid Scented & Imprinted Lippies $7 @ Revolution Beauty

NEW Unicorn & Mermaid Lippies $7

I don't think I've ever seen more beautiful and enticing lippes than these - they're imprinted with stars and shells! It gets better, too: they're only $7, and we can get them shipped them to Australia for just $2.95 in time for Mother's Day!

From Revolution Beauty (formerly Tam Beauty), these little beauties come in a number of shades with metallic, matte and satin finishes, as well as vanilla and coconut scents!

Take a closer look here:



The stand out for me is Aquadisiac in the Mermaid collection - the lipstick itself is green, but transforms into pink upon application. Get the heck out!

These lippies ship to Australia for just $2.95. There is FREE shipping over $50.

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