New Typo "Mega Drinkers" Hold 800ml of Wine!

Bottoms up!
New Typo "Mega Drinkers" Hold 800ml of Wine!

Mother's Day is next weekend! If you've been stuck for what to get a mum who loves a drop of wine at the end of her day, and has a great sense of humour, the search is over. Typo has just released some rather enormous wine glasses in time for Mother's Day, and they not only come with some sassy text, but they hold a whopping 800 millilitres!

The "I've Earned This" glass is my top pick out of the four designs because it perfectly sums up how many-a-mum feels at the end of a very long day. The "Sanity Water" glass comes a very close second.

These are balloon-style glasses, and they are around 20 centimetres high, so they should still fit in most cupboards.

While they're certainly shaped like a wine glass, they're definitely not limited to holding boozy bevvies, though. I kind of like the idea of sipping my iced tea out of one of these throughout the day - sure beats the kiddie cup I'm currently using!

Great novelty gifts for the mums who love a laugh. Go grab one.

Note: you can have these items gift wrapped for an extra $6 at the checkout.

Standard shipping is $7 or you can use the $2 Click & Collect service.


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