NEW Poosie Cutie Tooties $20 @ Big W

NEW Poosie Cutie Tooties $20 @ Big W

If your kids are well and truly on the Poopsie slime bandwagon, brace yourselves, because Cutie Tooties just landed, and they could just be the gooiest Poopsie creation yet! You can buy them right now at Big W for $20 each.

The Poopsie products have been impossible to ignore in these slime-obsessed times; we've had the Poopsie Slime Surprise, the huge and magnificent Mystery Unicorn, in more recently, Sparkly Critters - and kids have gone mad over all of them!

Cutie Tooties are a collectable Poopsie product, and come in blind bags that contain one colourful unicorn poop, a Cutie Tootie creature and one portion of slime. But this is no ordinary slime - it's scented and comes in different textures for totally different unboxing experiences.

Kids can either snip the top off the unicorn poop, or pull the tab at the bottom to access the scented slime and one of 25 Cutie Tooties.

There are 30 different combinations of slime scents and textures to collect in this series - and you can bet kids are going to want to get their hands on all of them!

Take a closer look in the clip:

Standard shipping is $7.90 at Big W, or you can use FREE in-store collection.

Other Sellers:

You can also find Cutie Tooties at Mighty Ape ($23). You can expect this to appear wherever Poopsie products are sold in coming weeks.


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  • Sharon P.

    Scented poop slime I know some boys who would love these! :relaxed: