NEW Plush Unicorn Sleep Mask $16.95 @ Showpo

NEW Plush Unicorn Sleep Mask $16.95 @ Showpo

This unicorn sleep mask is the perfect gift for unicorn-loving travellers, or people who need absolute darkness to be able to get a wink of sleep at night. They're brand new to Showpo and you can grab them for just $16.95 each.

You can buy these sleep masks in either pink/gold or purple/silver, and they look incredibly soft, with thick padding to actually do what they're meant to do, not just look pretty.

If you have a friend who is about to have a baby, this would make a fabulous baby shower gift. New mums have to sleep whenever they can, and two o'clock in the afternoon, when there's bright sunshine outside calls for a sleep mask - no matter how good those block-out curtains are!

I'm actually thinking of grabbing one of these for my daughter who is heading off to her first overnight school camp soon - she'd love it!

Standard shipping is $7 or FREE over $50.


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