NEW Plum Sand Tables From $116 @ My Deal

NEW Plum Sand Tables From $116 @ My Deal

These are the ultimate sand pits for parents who can't stand having mountains of sand in their house! They're also highly versatile and look adorable. You can pick them up from $116 at My Deals now, and with spring around the corner, these are great for outdoorsy kids.

There are two styles available: one has an entire mid-section for sand, and the other has a compartment for water as well. Both tables have wooden lids which enable them to be used as regular picnic tables. The corners are rounded for safety, and they are made from FCS timber.

What I adore about these sand tables is that kids don't actually have to sit in the sand to play with it - that means way less sand on your floors!

Shipping is available Australia-wide, and ranges from $15 - $35, depending on your location.


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