New Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Hang Glider Set $35 @ Target

New Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Hang Glider Set $35 @ Target

It's been a while since we had some new Paw toys on shelves, but these super cool hang gliders totally make up for it. The two-pack is exclusive to Target, and it contains both Rubble and Chase hang gliders and accessories - grab it now for $35 with FREE Click & Collect.

Chase and Rubble are two of the most popular pups, so if you are after a gift for a Paw fanatic, you can't really go wrong with this.

The set contains Chase and Rubble figures, hang gliders for each pup, baskets AND some very cute animals to rescue. So with this set, missions can take off pretty much immediately.

The gliders are awesome because with a push of the Paw Patrol badge, the wings extend! Then pups can soar around Adventure Bay and spot creatures in need of a helping hand.

My son is equally obsessed with Paw Patrol and anything that flies, so this is definitely something I'm intent on stashing for him. I especially love that there are no batteries required for this set - it relies purely on the imagination.

Check out the rest of the Paw Patrol gear at Target while you're over there - there's heaps on offer.

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    what’s a bet we’ll be hearing about this soon :expressionless: