NEW Paw Patrol Surfboard Launchers $12.99 @ Toy Universe

NEW Paw Patrol Surfboard Launchers $12.99 @ Toy Universe

NEW PAW just arrived! From the crazy-popular Paw Patrol Sea Patrol range that has preschoolers in a complete spin right now, the latest release involves surfboards, action and life ring launchers. Yep, launchers! You can buy them at Toy Universe right now for $12.99.

Now, the cool thing about these little sets is that the liferings are compatible with the Sea Patroller's launcher as well, so these surfboard sets tie in well with the biggest vehicle of the range.

Each set comes with a pup, a surfboard (that pups can actually attach to) and three life rings. You can actually attach a lifering to each side of the surfboard when not in use, with one in the launcher ready to rock n' roll should a rescue be needed.

Here they are:

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Standard shipping at Toy Universe is 9.95.


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