NEW Paw Patrol Marshall Inflatable Fire Truck Playland $69.99 @ Toys R Us

NEW Paw Patrol Marshall Inflatable Fire Truck Playland $69.99 @ Toys R Us

This looks like so much fun, and it's just in time for Christmas! The Paw Patrol Inflatable Fire Truck is new to Toys R Us and if you're after a WOW gift for your Paw fan, this could very well be it! You can pick it up for $69.99 right now - and with so many Paw fans on the loose, I think this one will go fast!

There are a lot of inflatable ball pits and tents out there, but what sets this one apart from the pack is that it has a large surface area for playing, and it actually comes in the shape of a vehicle, complete with inflatable steering wheel! So this really is a "playland", and I think it's going to thrill little paw fans to bits.

The set is recommended for ages two and above, and it comes with 50 soft-flex balls.

This isn't widely available in stores, so go get it while it lasts!

Standard shipping starts at $11 for this item.


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  • Kate Y.

    Thaat is cool! Do not have the room for it though

  • Jess K.

    It looks way too big I have no where to put it lol

  • Nicole H.

    oommggg that is awesome :heart_eyes:

  • Mandaa L.

    It's so cool. I don't have room for it. The dog will put a hole in it outside

  • Eamonn T.

    Bought this a few months ago, when Buckscoop did a special with Myer ( Really good, but make sure you have a pump or good lungs, as it has quite a few compartments to blow up.