NEW M&M's Strawberries & Cream Flavour Just Arrived - and YUM!

NEW M&M's Strawberries & Cream Flavour Just Arrived - and YUM!

The Peanut, Tropical, Caramel and Hot-Cross-Bun M&M's can go ahead and step aside. Strawberries & Cream just arrived in town, and this flavour looks dangerously delish.

There have been a lot of new flavours added to the M&M's range in the past year or so, some fab, others kind of bizarre (yes, Hot Cross Bun, I'm talking to you), but when you consider how classic and widely loved strawberry flavours tend to be, I'm expecting this perfectly pink pack to fly off shelves.

You get three different coloured M&M's in these pouches: off-white, pink and red. According to reports, the off-white M&M's tastes like cream, red tastes similar to strawberry jam, and pink tastes like a combination of the two. OMG, so much yum.

So far, we've only spotted M&M's Strawberries & Cream in 160-gram packs at Coles Online, and the good news is that it's on sale this week: usually $4.25, you can grab it for just $3 - which means you really may as well get two, right? Well I certainly will be.

Most other M&M's flavours in the 160-gram pouches are also on sale this week, just not Hot Cross Bun. Check out all of the Coles specials, and start stocking up for Easter.

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