NEW Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in Cans is Here!

Cold Brew Coffee in Cans Arrives!

Sometimes (or all the time) we find ourselves needing a coffee, but have absolutely no time to make, or order one. That's why Cold Brew Coffee in cans was invented - and it's on shelves NOW at Woolworths!

So far, there are only varieties available at Woolworths online:

Both of these cans contain absolutely NO DAIRY; they're made using oat milk, cocoa (for mocha only) and sensational, full-bodied Arabica coffee. There's not a drop of sugar added, either. (Mocha is sweetened with Stevia.)

I love them already.

Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brew BLACK may be available in some stores already, but isn't yet available online. It should pop up soon, though. Keep those eyes peeled!

Use FREE Click & Collect for orders over $30 at Woolworths, or you can arrange for home delivery.

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