New Lumies Interactive Plush $44 @ Mighty Ape

Available in three characters
New Lumies Interactive Plush $44 @ Mighty Ape

Lumies are the latest addition to the Pomsies range, and not only do these fluffy friends glow and have unicorn horns, but they can turn into any colour they touch AND turn colours into music! If your kids are crazy about collectable pets, they will absolutely flip over these guys!

Toy brand, Pomsies, really has outdone itself with these fluffy little creatures - in fact, they've taken interactive pets to a whole new level with the use of colour-matching technology.

By pressing the Lumies' noses, they come to life, ready to glow in whatever colour they are placed against. Place them against your green jumper, they'll glow green; place them against your red book, they glow red.

But it doesn't end there.

Lumies also give a reaction to a colour to demonstrate how they feel about it. There are also some adorable games to play with these little guys that look like heaps of fun, my favourite of which is "Colour Chase," where Lumies glow a certain colour, and you have to find a matching colour before time runs out!

New Lumies Interactive Glowing Plush Available Now

Characters include Dazzle GoGo, Pixie Pop, and Sparkle Rush. Each is currently selling for $44 at Mighty Ape.

We haven't seen these available anywhere else yet, but we'll keep you posted!

Standard shipping at Mighty Ape is $6.


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