NEW LED Unicorn Decor Light $5 @ Kmart

NEW LED Unicorn Decor Light $5 @ Kmart

Whether or not you're on the unicorn fan train, you have to admit, this is LED Unicorn Light is a little bit special. It's a new addition to kids' decor at Kmart, and at just $5, it's an absolute steal. If you're decorating the nursery or after a night light for the kids, you need to check this out!

It runs on AA batteries (yay, no cords), and with LED lights it won't get hot, important with kids around. It looks as though it's only available in white at this stage, so it will match any decor - and let's face it, it's totally going to be the star of any room.

These would make a gorgeous gift for any unicorn-obsessed little lady - or older lady! (Yes, I love unicorns.)

So beautiful, and such a bargain. Get one in your cart!

Standard shipping is $10, or use Click & Collect for $3.


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