New Kids' 12V Segway Up-Ride Just Arrived at eBay

New Kids' 12V Segway Up-Ride Just Arrived at eBay

New kids' 12-volt segways have just landed at the the Ozplaza eBay store, and I WISH I was a kid again! You can grab them now, with free shipping for $248.

If your kids love a bit of a thrill, they are going to flip over these groovy little ride-ons. They're designed especially for the over-fives, up to 50kg, and they are the ultimate post-modern gliding machines.

There are a lot of electric ride-on vehicles out there, but what makes a segway so unique is that it's an "up-rider", with easy-use tilt controls. In a standing position, all riders have to do is push the control to the left or right to glide effortlessly - they can even spin 360 degrees!

Segways are cruising vehicles; they're more about gliding and touring, not so much for hooning. In fact, kids will only reach speeds of around six kilometres per hour on this.

The segway comes with a 12-volt battery that can be recharged by plugging it into the mains. You will get around one hour of continuous use out of a charge, and it will take eight hours or more to recharge.

There is a balance sensor and adjustable handlebars. There is only the one choice of colour scheme at this point, which is very much unisex in yellow, black and white.

Forget the kids - I want it!

The new Segway Up-Rider comes with a one-year warranty.

Ships Fast & Free in Australia.


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